June 2011

Frank and friend waiting for a cab at Carnarvon

First sight of the front yard for the week

Pelican Point from Carnarvon

Stout Cortez and others, staring at the Pacific (or something)

Fisherman, rocks, water

You really need to see this moving

A blowhole. This looks better moving as well

Still life. Shed Dunny and Lighthouse

The camp of the Grey Nomads

Tailgate Party. Prawns and wine by the seaside

The beach with no fish

On the way out

Surf on the islands

More surf on the islands

Catching some spray on the way home at speed

Taking it easy in the channel

The Lodge

Sunset at Point Pelican

After dinner. Seeing through a glass darkly

Getting under way

The lodge, with ripples

On the way out again

Looking forward

Looking back

Deckie cutting bait



Getting close

Coming in!!


On the move again

Men at work

Whispering Ray and the ....

Sit down in front!

Helpful deckie retrieves my line

More men at work. They must be biting!

A change of pace - we travel with some whales

Whale showing off

The end of the day. Tired but happy

Gutting the catch

A craftsman at work

Gutting at sunset beside the Indian Chief

A happy young fisherman

Beautiful specimens. Fish and homo sapiens

Frank and another friend

Thats a fish, not a javelin

Well what about this one?

Dave and his dinner

Back in Perth. Checking out historical Fremantle

The grandeur of old Freo

Dockside at Freo One Two Three

A ride with a contemporary "Toad of Toad Hall" - reconstructed veteran car.
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