Western Civilisation & the European Miracle

This is the second most intellectually stimulating event of 2011, the virtual companion to the most intellectually stimulating event of the year, the 24 June conference on “The Genius of Western Civilisation” organised by IPA and the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation.

For more details on “The Genius of Western Civilisation”.

This is a part of the ongoing “Foundations of Western Civilisation Program” which the IPA and Mannkal are running.

For the conference on Western Civilisation and the European Miracle a five-day program is anticipated but it may take some time to assemble because the organising committee has been busy with trips to Canberra and Tasmania, to be followed by fishing in Western Australia in June and a quick trip to the Middle East in July.


The European Miracle

Keynote speakers include Timothy Ferris and Gerard Radnitzky.

The first keynote speaker will explain how the full fruits of the Enlightenment can be gathered with the help of a "second enlightenment" delivered by the post-modernist interrogation of classical metaphysics..

Timothy Ferris will address “How Science Inspired Democracy in the Modern World”

Ferris argues that just as the scientific revolution rescued billions from poverty, fear, hunger and disease, the Enlightenment values it inspired have swelled the number of persons living in free democratic societies from fewer than 1 percent of the world population in 1600 to over a third today.

More on Timothy Ferris.  Not to be confused with Timothy Ferriss.

More on his latest book The Science of Liberty.

Garard Radnitzky describes the European miracle that arose from the combination of limited government, free trade and the scientific spirit.

Terrency Kealey offers a critique of the Big Government "pure research" theory of scientific advance and explains how practical innovations plus laissez faire speed the advance of knowledge and welfare.


Antecedents (A)  – the Western Intellectual Tradition of Critical Thinking.

The two central theses:

1. First, the great achievement of the ancient Greeks was their discovery or invention of the tradition of critical discussion.

2. Second, the tradition of critical discussion is the only way to expand our knowledge.

Antecedents  (B) – the Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


Traditions and circumstances which undermine peace, freedom and prosperity.


Some key thinkers in the defence of western civilisation.


For the Future: The Classical Liberal Agenda.