Catering for people with somewhat specialised interests in literature and   ideas, often with political agendas.

The Age Monthly Review  Dec 1987

Editor         Paul Carter
Ed Asst.       Sally Dugan
Designer       Philip Burgoyne

Editorial Board
              Murray Bail
              Robert Haupt
              Dorothy Green
              David Malouf
              Darryl Reanney
              Peter Singer

Publisher      John Jost

Eleven issues each year, 36 pages, $20 p.a.

The Editor,
Age Monthly Review
GPO Box 354E, Melbourne, 3001

Meanjin  3/87  (this is a house journal of the left).

Editor         Jenny Lee
Ed Asst.       Bev Roberts

Poetry         Philip Mead
Fiction consultant  Lucy Frost

Plus assistance for this issue from
              Simon During
              Kerryn Goldsworthy
              Stephen Knight
              Norbert Loeffler
              Stuart Macintyre
              Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Quarterly, 150 pages each edition, $20 p.a.

The Editor,
University of Melbourne, Parkville, Vic 3052

Assisted  by the Literature Board of the Australia  Council,  the Lockie  Bequest  (Uni  of Melb) and the Ministry  for  the  Arts, Victoria.

First published in 1940, by Clem Christersen in Brisbane.

Island Magazine  30, Autumn 1987

Eds            Michael Denholm, Andrew Sant
Subeditor      Stephen Edgar
Secretary      Trishia McCullough
Design         Christine Forsyth
Consultant     Stephen Alomes

Quarterly, 72 pages per edition, $16 p.a.

Assisted  by the Literature Board of the Australia  Council,  the University  of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government through  the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board.

The Editors,
Island Magazine
PO Box 207, Sandy Bay, Tas, 7005

Overland  108,  Sept 1987  (a house journal of the Old,  moderate and literary left).

Editor         Barrett Reid

Associate Eds  Ken Gott
              Robert Harris
              Nancy Keesing
              Vane Lindesay
              Stuart Macintyre
              John McLaren
              Leonie Sandercock
              Fay Zwicky

Contributing   Dorothy Hewett (Sydney)
Eds            Donald Grant (Perth)
              Gwen Harwood (Hobart)
              Martin Duwell (Brisbane)
              Katherine Gallagher (London)
              Tim Thorne (Launceston)

Quarterly, 96 pages per issue, $20 p.a.

Assisted by the Literature Board of the Australia Council and the Victorian Ministry for the Arts.

Australian Book Review, Dec '87

Editor         Kerryn Goldsworthy 1987
Louise Adler  1988
Rosemary Sorensen 1989
Assoc Ed.      Ken Gelder
Ed. Board      Mark Rubbo     +
              John Curtainx  Keith Robertson
              Diana Gribble  x  Stephen Knight
              Richard Walsh       +
              Kevin Childs   x  Terry Moloney
              Ian MacRae+
              Mary Lord+
              Laurie Muller+
              Teresa Pitt+
              John Hookerx  Max Teichman
              Derek Whitehead+

Contributing editors
              Kate Ahearne (Booknotes)
              Neville White
              Robert Pascoe
              Ken Gott
              Barbara Giles
              Bernard Hickey (Europe)
              Ken Stewart (NSW)
              Susan Hosking (SA)
              Brian Dibble & Don Grant (WA)
              Susan McKernan (ACT)
              Chris Tiffin (Qld)
Published by the National Book Council.
Assisted by the Australia Council and (recently) by the Victorian Ministry for the Arts.

Eleven issues per annum, 38 pages, $30 p.a.

Interesting changes with the editorship of Louise Adler:
change to glossy paper and revamp of dull format,
move from usual middle of the road left to hard left,
funding acknowledged from Victorian Ministry of the Arts.

Address has changed
Level 5, 1 City Rd., South Melbourne, 3205

Quadrant  Dec '87   (a house journal of the right)

Editor         Peter Coleman 
(1988, Roger Sandall)
1989  Coleman and Robert Manne

Assoc Ed       Robin Marsden
Literary Ed    Vivian Smith

Ed Board       Anne Fairbairn
              Martin Krygier
              Sam Lipski
              Anthony McAdam
              Robert Manne
              Patrick Morgan
              Clyde Packer
              Roger Sandall (incoming editor)
              John Wheeldon

Eleven issues per annum, 80 pp per issue, $36 p.a.

Assisted by the Literature Board of the Australia Council.

The Editors,
PO Box C344 Clarence St PO, NSW 2000.

Scripsi April 1985 (may be out of date information)

Editors        Peter Craven
              Michael Heyward
Assoc Eds      Penny Hueston
              Colin McDowell
Ed Asst.       Rosemary Hunter

Quarterly, 228 pages per issue,

Assisted  by the Literature Board of the Australia  Council,  the Victorian  Ministry  for  the Arts and the Melbourne  University English Dept.

The Editors
Dept English, University of Melbourne, Parkville, 3052
Australian Literary Studies 1987

Editor         L. G. Hergenhan
Assistant      Martin Duwell

Ed. Committee  Alan Lawson
              Stan Mellick
              Chris Tiffin
              Helen Tiffin
              Arlene Sykes

Advisors   Geoffrey Dutton,  Brian Elliot,  A. D. Hope, A. N. Jeffares,   Joseph  Jones,  Frank  Kermode,  Brian              Kiernan,  Leonie Kramer,  R.  L.  McDougall, J. P.                Matthews,  E. G. Moll, Bede Nairn, Michael Roe, G.                H.  Russell, Michael Wilding, G. A. Wilkes, Judith                Williams.


Assisted by the Literature Board of the Australia Council and the University of Qld.

The Editors

English Dept, University of Qld.

Politics  1987

Editor         Marian Simms
Assistant      Gillian O'Loghlin
Review Ed.     Brian Head
Associate Ed.  Andrew Parkin

Don Aitkin,  Jonathan Boston,  Leslie Holmes, Dean                Jaensch,   James  Jupp,   Ian  McAllister,  Graham                Maddox, Jeremy Moon, Carole Pateman, Marian Sawer,                Randal Stewart, Patrick Weller.


Organ of the Australian Political Studies Association.

Editorial address:  Dr Marian Simms, Dept Pol Sci, The Faculties, ANU, PO Box 4 Canberra, ACT 2601.

Arena  ("a marxist journal of criticism and discussion")

Editors        Geoff Sharp,  Doug White, Nonie Sharp, Gerry Gill, John Hinkson, Paul James, Alison Caddick.

Board          (in  addition  to  some  of  the  above) 
Marian Aveling,  Barry Carr,  Fiona  Mackie,  Kent                Middleton, Lorraine Mortimer.

Rev Editors    Barry Carr, John Spierings.

Ed Associates
Adelaide       Doug McEachern, Brian Abbey, Adrian Vicary
Armidale       Anthony Ashbolt, Chris Loyd, Tessa Morris-Suzuki
Brisbane       Chilla Bulbeck
Sydney         Ann Curthoys, John Docker

Editorial group for Arena 81   Barry  Carr,  Nick Hartland,  Paul  James,  Eileen  Sedunary, Doug White.

Quarterly, 190 pages per issue.

$18 annual sub.

Box 18, North Carlton, Vic  3054  phone 489 9244


Contact  Sydney  Branch  of the English  Association  for  office bearers.

Westerly  July 1984

Eds            Bruce Bennett, Peter Cowan

Margot Luke,  Veronica Brady, David Brooks, Hilary Fraser

Quarterly, 120 pp per issue, $10 pa

Assisted  by  the Literature Board of the AC and the WA  Literary Fund.

Published at the Centre for Studies in Aust Lit.

c/o Dept English, Uni of WA, Nedlands, 6009   Ph 380 3838.

Social Alternatives

Graeme Duncan,  Ross Fitzgerald,  Les Hoey,  Ralph                Summy, Linda Carroli, Nancy Westerman.

Book Revs      Reba Gostand, Fiction
              P. Marriott, Poetry
              Malcolm Saunders, Social & Political

Subs           Helen Williams

Quarterly, 72 pp, $20 per annum

c/o Dept Government, Uni of Qld, St Lucia, 4067.


Managing Ed    David P. Reiter

Fiction        Maureen Bettle, Jim O'Gorman, Peter Magee.
Poetry         John A. Scott, Helen Gilbert, David Evans.
Script         John Conn, Bruce Vincent, Michael Farrell.
Features       Iain McCalman, Di Deane, Ernie Van See.
Reviews        Ruth Sless.
Translations   Nick Hassanoff, Oscar A. Florenz, Michael Sawer.

Quarterly, 70 pp, $16 pa.

Published  by the School of Communications,  Canberra College  of Advanced Education, PO Box 1, Belconnen, ACT  2616

The Australian Author,

Ed Board       Robert Pullan, Ken Methold, Duncan Ball.

Officers of the Society

President      Colin Theile
Foundation Pres     Dal Stivens
Chairman       Tom Keneally
Deputy         Ken Methold
Treasurer      Duncan Ball
Exec Members   Robert Pullan, Barbara Jefferis

Exec Officer   Denise Yates

Committee of Management

Hugh Anderson, Allan Ashbolt, Carmel  Bird, Brian Dibble, Barbara Jefferis,  Tom Keneally,  Bill Larkins, Roger McDonald, Elizabeth Mansutti,  Joanna Mendelssohn, Ken Methold, Michael Parer, Robert Pullan, Duncan Ball.

State Reps

Qld       Joan Priest
WA        Ethel Webb
SA        Elizabeth Mansutti
Tas       Rupert Maclean
NSW       Bill Larkins


Journal  of  the  Australian Society  of  Authors,  PO  Box  450, Milsons Pt. 2061.   Ph  92 7235

Editorial Board, 21 Leichhardt St. Glebe, 2037.