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Series of Very Abbreviated Versions of Classical Philosophical Works for Very Busy People.


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Introduction:      On the Sources of Knowledge and of Ignorance

Chapter 1. Science: Conjectures and Refutations  (in full).

Chapter 2: The Nature of Scientific Problems and their Roots in Science

Chapter 3: Three Views Concerning Human Knowledge

Chapter 5: Back to the Presocratics

Chapter 7: Kant's Critique and Cosmology

Chapter 8: On the Status of Science and Metaphysics

Chapter 11:      The Demarcation Between Science and Metaphysics

Chapter 17:      Public Opinion and Liberal Principles

Chapter 19:      The History of Our Time: An Optimist's View

Entry to the       Summary and Commentary on The Open Society and its Enemies.

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Conjectures and Refutations
Karl Popper