Contrary Imaginations:
A Psychological Study of the English Schoolboy (1966)

Frames of Mind (1968)

The Ecology of Intelligence,
Editor (1970)

The Cult of the Fact, (1972)

Human Beings (1975)

Bodies of Knowledge (1982)

Night Life (1985)

The Way Men Think: Intellect, Intimacy and the Erotic Imagination (1991)

Intimate Relations (1995)

   British psychology is typically experimental psychology..One could read quite an appreciable portion of its literature without being acutely aware that it had anything to do with living beings at all.  J A C Brown in Freud and the Post-Freudians

The Life of the Mind
Liam Hudson's Tanner Lectures . Yale, 1997
These two lectures show Hudson at his best. In the first set out to convey a
deep affection for psychology as a branch of natural history. He reflected
on selected studies  ranging from his early work to more recent projects
including the famous "weeping doctor" study which revealed the remarkable stress levels experienced by doctors in the British health sytem. In the second lecture he took flight to talk about the artistic imagination, especially in relation to photography, portraiture and jewellery design.

Liam Hudson was an unlikely scholarship student at Exeter College, Oxford, after a spell in National Service.  Circa 1954, he commenced his studies in modern history, then philosophy and psychology. In 1957 he moved to Cambridge for postgraduate studies in psychology and completed his PhD in 1961. He was appointed Director of the Research Unit of Intellectual Development at Cambridge and was made a fellow of King's College. In 1968 he travelled north to Edinburgh to take up the Chair of Educational Sciences.

Subsequent positions included a Chair at Brunel University, a term at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton and some time at the famous Tavistock Clinic. However, he always preferred to work at home and in 1987 he established the Balas partnership with his wife to merge his intellectual and personal lives in a range of activities including painting, jewellery, photography, exploring the psychological impact of architecture and writing his autobiography. Rafe Champion.

Hudson's Vision
Some insights into the limitations of scientific psychology and the detrimental effect of positivism in the philosophy of science. Hudson rediscovered the vital role of  mythology in the life of the mind.
Extracts from Hudson's Cult of the Fact.
the Revivalist . autumn
the rathouse
A sample of Liam Hudson's work, drawing on his substantial list of publications. A fascinating record starting with his his early studies of creativity and achievement, through his interdisciplinary research to the audacious and wide-ranging speculations of his latest books, the Balas partnership and the Tanner Lectures.