Tweet - Southern Hummingbird
One of the stand out tracks , "Boogie 2nite", displays a completely fresh sound combining soul and dance with a twist of hip hop. The variety of her voice is revealed here, moving smoothly from mellow to upbeat, showing the versatility of her pure vocal talents.

Underneath the contemporary and often giddily awkward lyrics, lies a deeper meaning. Tweet is describing her wayward life before she siphoned her frustration in her album. She describes, sometimes quite abstractly, her failed relationships, drug and alcohol issues coupled with her depression. She shows emotional survival with the infamous ode to female elation in "Oops (Oh My)"

The lyrics are so unique that they become a bit stupid and fall in to the dubious 'so bad it's good' category.

While the album isn't perfect, it comes close. The ubiquitous Missy Elliott makes an appearance, clearly only manipulating Tweet as a promotional tool for her own reputation and inferior music. Sounding too similar in places,  most of the songs that lack in melody, make this up in production and refreshingly non-clichéd lyrics. The atmospheric songs such as ,"My Place", and ,"Motel", are perfectly suited to Tweet's emotive voice.

Tweet displays a deep passion for music shown through the enthusiasm and effort that obviously went into this project. She has somehow translated complex experiences into incredible music and we can feel special that she included us in such a personal creation. Complete with an enveloping intro and memorable outro, you'll walk away fulfilled and enlightened with the perfect closure.

Southern Hummingbird could be considered the R&B album of the year, but to be placed into such a contrived music genre would be an insult to her talents.

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