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Avril Lavigne - Let Go

Here we go with yet another "amazing original new talent", from the same mold as Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, Alicia Keys.   Avril is a 17 and the current over-hyped flavor of the month. "She plays the guitar and writes her own music," the media and Avril extol as they introduce the next wave of this revolutionary new mutation of alterno-pop. more

Tweet - Southern Hummingbird

One of the most original aspects of Tweet's album, Southern Hummingbird is that the lethargic mumbles of Ja Rule aren't featured on it.  She is one of the few solo R&B singers, who actually makes a solo album.  Rivals such as Ashanti, with her bland, generic songs get fuelled by a chain reaction of hype, propelling them into galactic proportions while the woefully under-rated, Tweet, glares in the distance. While she does have a few guest vocalists, it is always Tweet who takes the primary role. more

Christina Aguilera   . Stripped
Judging by her infamous video, Christina is the only person who can somehow get dirrrrtier in a shower, although possibly her new shocking image was only brought in to divert attention from the drab music. more.

Queens of the Stone Age :  Songs For The Deaf

This reviewer has personally never experienced such a diverse album. Unfortunately, it is varied in the way it moves so erratically from charming innovation to pedestrian clanging. The album has several amazing, standout tracks  which could be enough to even up the grievances caused by the other bland contributions. more

System Of A Down  -  Steal This Album

Steal This Album is primarily made up of speedy energy rock songs. It may be only B-sides and unreleased material, but it still lives up to the high standard of the Armenian quartet, System of a Down.  One of the members of this band says that Manson is their idol. Whether they're referring to Marilyn or Charles, it makes no difference to their music. more

These reviews were originally published in
  The Voice. Boston . USA .  2002-03
Shania Twain  -  Up!

Having one of the highest selling albums ever must be tiring, which could explain the massive 5 year gap between Shania's albums. This album would be great for anyone who doesn't have a chronic fear of punctuation in song titles. more

Kelly Osbourne  .  Shut Up
It was too easy to fill this review with "Shut Up" puns and 'drainpipe gurgling' allusions, so I'll have to mention the music as well. If Kelly Osbourne has one flaw, it's that she's ambitious. However, her music has many flaws, many of which are discussed here. more
Justin Timberlake - Justified
It's nice to see Justin getting back to his urban roots. At least we know that the album title "Justified" is obviously nothing more than a hideous typo of his eponymous album.more