Avril Lavigne  -  Let Go
While Avril likes to believe she makes hardcore punk music, she should know that her album Let Go is  twelve mediocre pop songs and "Complicated"

Pop classic, "Complicated", which is drastically being overplayed across the country with over 10,000 spins per week on pop radio, is an inoffensive ode to naive teenage emotion, aptly articulating the highs and mid-highs of teenage love with its simple rhymes and pleasant melody. Many of the other songs are carbon copies of this one, thematically at least.

The next single of  Let Go is called "Sk8er Boi".  This guitar driven, pop-punk drivel is a trite ballad about snobbery and 'being yourself'. Obviously, this song is only being released to promote Avril's punk image, distancing her from the ever so shameful pop category.

I'd describe the other songs, but I'd merely be repeating myself.

If the massive ego of Avril didn't interfere with the music, this album could come close to being decent. Unfortunately, it's a package and it becomes painful to hear her Canadian twang, smugly screeching her remedial lyrics through the cluttered racket of blurring guitars

The mediocrity of the album can't all be blamed on Avril, considering she only co-wrote it, despite claiming full credit in interviews. The amazing lyricist must be saving her real ability for her next album as she writes such poetry as "I'm not the milk and Cheerios in your spoon" (Nobody's Fool), proving she is a voice for today's incoherent teen.

Some of the songs don't even have a tune and seem as though they were shaped around rhythmically-challenged words.. Maybe if Avril wipes off her gallons of eye plaster, she'll be able to see what a walking cliché she is, and allow her co-writers to make a more memorable album. Let Go is suited perfectly to the Britney graduates who have outgrown teen pop and ascended into fraudulent-angst pop.

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