System of a Down refers to all the relevant issues in their album, including war, genocide and pizza pie with captivating lyrics. They switch from poetry to assortments from the random-lyric-o-meter within the tracks. The total lack of a formulaic song structure is one of the reasons why it is such a charismatic album. The combination of warped vocals and humorous themes leave no place for an organized style. One of the standout tracks would have to be Mr Jack, not only because of the slow beginning, but because it is double the length of most of the other songs. They almost sound human.

Due to its energetic form, it appears impossible to perform these songs live. However, it would be perfectly suited to a jazzercise class. Lead singer, Serj is skinny enough to be the ideal representative. Their unique brand of political punk ranting exploding with volcanic music creates an atmosphere almost as deranged as the band members.  The tracks seem to bleed into each other. It may not be until you hear the next chorus that you realize that you've moved onto the next song. It seems like a collection of experimental sounds clashing with shrieking vocals without any restrictions.

It could be possible that Serj's beard doubles as some sort of a distortion filter. No one else could accomplish such blasting singing without singeing their vocal cords. It would be impossible to categorize or restrain this kind of music, so it will always be considered fresh and original - for now.

Either you'll love System of a Down or you never will. Make sure you buy it, win it, borrow it or Steal This Album, because it really is so good, it's funny.

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