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The Philosophy and Economics of Liberalism
This article describes how Bartley's work on rationalism and the limits of criticism provides important insights into the critical rationalism of Hayek and Popper. This in turn adds depth to the philosophy and economics of classical liberalism.

Agreeing to Disagree
This paper describes how Bartley used Popper's insight into the authoritarian structure of western thought to explore problems of rationality and belief in modern Protestant theology.  The result of this investigation is a striking new general theory of rationality and the limits of criticism.

Beyond Deconstruction
A review of a book that shows how Bartley's ideas can be used to deconstruct the deconstructionists, showing how they proceed from a true premise to a false conclusion.

Unfathomed Knowledge
This is a review of a posthumous book by Bartley containing a novel conception knowledge from an economic point of view, with startling insights into the scandal of Popper's reception by the profession of philosophers.

Escape from Leviathan
An important book which shows the power and economy that can be achieved  in presenting arguments as a result of taking critical rationalism seriously.

Cracking the Dogmatic Framework of Thought
This paper explores the capacity of Bartley's work on rationality to assist in the task of draining the swamp of unreason, to crack the dogmatic framework of western thought and promote imaginative criticism.

Rationality versus the Theory of Rationality
The full text of  Bartley's important paper which elaborates and expands the revolutionary implications of Popper's insights into the authoritarian structure of Western thought.

The Critical Review series of papers.

Bill Bartley published a series of reviews of the Popper volumes in the Schilpp (ed) Library of Living Philosophers series. The reviews appeared in the journal Philosophia between 1978 and 1982. The first addressed Popper's thoughts on biology, the second examined his contribution to physics and the third reviewed his position on rationality.

Critical Review I (biology)

Critical Review II (physics)

Critical Review III (rationality)

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