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Oysterium, 30+ posts, Oct 2005 to Nov 2007
Club Troppo 2005 - 2008
Catallaxy 04- 05        Catallaxy 06     Catallaxy 07      Catallaxy 08
Revivalist 1 Jacques Barzun, Yvor Winters, James McAuley 
Revivalist 2 Liam Hudson, Barry Humphries
Revivalist 3 Karl and Charlotte Buhler, Rene Wellek
Revivalist 4  Peter Bauer, Bill Hutt, Ian D Suttie
The Guest Room 
Hal Colebatch, Peter Coleman, Frank Devine, Quadrant Magazine, John Stone, Roger Sandall, Nicholas Maxwell, Barry Williams

Open Society Condensed 
Conjectures and Refutations Condensed  
The Poverty of Historicism    

Challenging the mythology of the trade union movement

Popper Papers
The purpose of Popper (overview)         
Honi Soit 1971, demarcation and the non-authoritarian theory of knowledge  
Popper's evolutionary theory, the critical approach  versus Kuhn & Lakatos
Objective Knowledge Applications     
The Tanner Lecture  Popper on the "three worlds"  
Metaphysical research programs with criticism of Lakatos and Kuhn 
Critique of essentialism                                      
Unchanged meanings - the third world and literary criticism 
Critical preference in science and ethics 
Raditzky and Bartley  (eds) on Evolutionary Epistemology
Radnitzky and Bartley longer review
Peter Munz defends Popper against Wittgenstein and others 
Beyond Wittgestein's Poker  Munz suggests Popper and Witt should have made up
Introduction to my book of essays 
Critique of Stove on Popper   
Vienna paper on Popper and the Austrians 
Jarvie on Popper's social turn  
Popper on education  See also chapter 11 of OSE.
Commentary of MPS papers at Christchurch 1989 
Review of Pluto's Republic A book of essays by Peter Medawar
Simkin on Popper
Magee on Popper. pdf
Magee  what is wrong with modern philosophy
Caldwell clarifies Popper  
The Kuhnian Diversion
Quantum Physics and the Schism 
Review of Hacohen on Popper
Agassi on the novelty of Popper's contribution
Too much emphasis on demarcation?  

Birner on Popper and Hayek  from Prague 2008
Jarvie on Popper's Situational Analysis

Review of The Fatal Conceit
Review of Serfdom Revisited, 50 years on    
Uniting the non-right - keeping focussed after the Cold War                    
The Austrian Key - the principles applied to reform in Australia                    
Review of Chandran Kukathas on Hayek and modern liberalism    
Novak on the Church and the Austrians             

Review of Mises on epistemololgy 
The philosophy and economics of liberalism (Gotto Prize entry)
Agreeing to Disagree - review of The Retreat to Commitment                 
Deconstruction deconstructed - application to lit theory                    
Unfathomed Knowledge - review            
Bartley on logical strength - from The Retreat (revised)               
Cracking the dogmatic framework of thought
Rationality vs the theory of rationality: CCR 1964             
1982 review of the Schilpp volumes: the ecology of rationality
Jarvie's memorial essay
Review of Jan Lester Escape from Leviathan: Bartley's ideas applied

Revivalist 1  Summer   Jacques Barzun, Yvor Winters, James McAuley
Jacques Barzun
Essay on Barzun
1983 Preface to Teacher In America

Yvor Winters
Essay on Yvor Winters

James McAuley
McAuley's 20 Quadrants

Revivalist 2 Autumn    Liam Hudson, R D Fitzgerald, Barry Humphries
Liam Hudson including extracts from The Cult of the Fact
Hudson's vision the need to humanist psychology 
Hudson's progress  his career and major works 

R D Fitzgerald

Barry Humphries    with extracts from Peter Coleman's biography
Karl Popper meets Bazza Mackenzie 

Revivalist 3     The Buhlers, Wellek, the myth of the Australian Cultural Cringe
Karl and Charlotte Buhler
Rene Wellek  
Wellek on the "new nihilism"  
Freadman and Milller critique high literary theory 

Revivalst 4    Peter Bauer, Bill Hutt, Ian D Suttie                
Peter Bauer   

William Harold Hutt 
Hutt on the factory system  
The achievement of Bill Hutt  
The "bitter struggle" of labour  
On the origin and evolution of apartheid in South Africa. Trade unionism plus racism 

Challenging some myths of the trade union movement  A paper for the H R Nicholls Society 
The toffs and the trade unions almost sink Britain  From "The Lion & the Ostrich" (Koestler) 

Ian D Suttie     
Frequently Asked Questions  
Taboo on Tenderness

Keith Hancock on Protectionism in Australia   
Commerce and gambling in the rise of cricket, especially international tours  

Peter Coleman
McAuley's 20 Quadrants 
Roger Sandall          Cinema of Witness: Soviet attrocities including  the Baltic States
John Stone               Deregulate (wages) or Perish
Barry Williams  
John Hyde   
Hal Colebatch  

Australian Wage Fixing and Arbitration in Contempt (first conference, H R Nicholls Society) 
Essays on Australian Science in the Making  
Proceedings of a conference on global culture 
The Australian achievement, by Mark Cooray      
The Wonders of Science  An Australian physicist on science, religion and society   
Microbiology in Australia   A tribute to a leader in science and applied research     
What is this thing called science?   Alan Chalmers on the modern philosophy of science                 
Life Among the Scientists  Anthropological study of scientists at work       
Interviews with Nobel Prizewinners  Good stuff!   
Thomas Sowell on Affirmative Action   the worldwide disasters of positive discrimination   
Review of Pybus on James McAuley   A profoundly flawed study of a significant figure   
Hacohen on Popper     (originally in Quadrant magazine)  
Collingwood's political essays   
The Betrayal of Liberalism (the descent into left liberalism)  
Barzun, The House of Intellect  
Proceedings of the NZ 2002 Popper Conference  
Head and Walter  Essays on intellectual movements in Australia 
Keith Windschuttle on The Killing of History  
Mills: The Sociological Imagination  
Blainey and The Fuss That Never Ended  
Jim Franklin on the history of philosophy in Australia  
Essays on "prematurity in science"  
Hal Colebatch  Steadfast Knight  
Swann and Pratt on education research methods  
Wade Hands on the state of philosophy and methodology in economics 
Larry Boland on The Foundations of Economic Method                                        l
Three books on the Australian legend and cognate mythology, Docker, Carroll, Frankel
Us and Them (Sawer and Hindess eds)  
Agassi on Simkin on Popper 
Mises on The Epistemologial Problems of Economics 
Jan Lester on The Escape from Leviathan  
Magee, Confessions of a philosopher    
Quantum Physics and the Schism in Science 
Jeremy Shearmur on my collection of essays
The People's Vote   the case for citizen-initiated referendums  
Hooker and Hahlweg  Issues in EE
Stokes on Popper  Review


The Open Society and its Enemies: The Project with Index of  Chapters 
    Introduction  The structure and leading themes of the book
1. Historicism and destiny   
    Auden's essay on the open and closed society  
2. Heraclitus  
3. Plato’s theory of forms and essentialism
4. Change and rest
5. Nature and convention  
6. Totalitarian justice  
7 and 8 Leadership and the philosopher king  
9. The utopian impulse Critique of revolutionary reform and "canvas cleaning"
10. The open society   Auden on the open and closed society
11-1 Aristotle on history, also politics and final causes            baunausic
        note 44
        notes 46 and 47
        note 51

11-2 Essentialism and obsession with terms and concepts 
13. Sociological determinism 
14. The autonomy of sociology 
15. Economic historicism  
16. The classes  
17. The legal and social system  
18. The coming of socialism  
19. The social revolution, part 1  
19. The social revolution, part 2  
20. Capitalism and its fate  
21. An evaluation of the prophecy
22. The moral theory of historicism  
23. The sociology of knowledge   
24. The revolt against reason  
25. Does history have any meaning? 

The Poverty of Historicism
Some sections from Part III and !V.
Full text available at Questia     

Conjectures and Refutations
Full text available at Questia    
Introduction: on the sources of knowledge and of ignorance
The nature of philosophical problems: roots in science etc
Three theories of knowledge: critique of instrumentalism
Back to the Presocratics  
Kant's Critique and Cosmology   
On the status of science and metaphysics   
The Problem of Demarcation:  a contribution to the Carnap memorial volume
Public Opinion and Liberal Principles:  a talk to the Mont Pelerin Society 
The History of our time: an optimist's view

The Alpha Centauri Program   From the world food problem to the "More Austrian Program"

Reduction vs Existence  Cricket game theory and the key issues in the human sciences

The Even More Austrian Program   The Austrian economists, Popper and some others 

Three Strands of Austrian thought  Economics, evolutionary epistemology and objective knowledge

Mises: Sleeping Giant   
Mises on Epistemology    
Barry Smith on the philosophical framework   compare with Popper's metaphysics

Talcott Parsons     The action frame of reference, found and lost 
The trajectory of a Parsonian  From neofunctionalism to the "strong cultural program"

Birner on Menger and Popper  
MPS Christchurch talk 


Thesis 1The history of services for intellectual handicap in NSW (from 1788)
Thesis 2        The Duhem thesis

Book Outline  Philosophy for the Third Millennium    

Brian Penton      journalist, writer and bohemian 2008

Cedric Emanuel   visual historian and all-round good sport

R G Collingwood, An Autobiography, Chapter 1
R G Collingwood, An Essay on Metaphysics, summary  
R G Collingwood, overview of his career  


Bias on campus: An Academic Bill of Rights?    

David McKnight Beyond Left and Right   inept criticism of "neoliberalism"

The Betrayal of Liberalism (the descent into left liberalism)  

Why Labor rules in Australia   the result of  conscription for the Vietnam war

The Marshall Plan:The original debacle of foreign aid   Tyler Cowen's expose

60 short reviews
The road from Irishtown .  Publication pending as Amazon ebook. 
Keith Barley, supervisor and friend. Publication pending.

2009 Folder 


2010 Folder

Jarvie on Popper's SA and RP plus contributions in OSE
Jim Vincent Interview  
The Fabian game plan
Assorted PDF files
Philip on Soils, Science and Models
Philip on Newton's Health and Confusion to Mathematics
Gombrich on the publication of The Open Society and its Enemies  

July 2010 - September 2011

Israel Trip
Defence of Fallible Apriorism
Parvin on Popper
Hulsmann on Mises
The Impact of Conscription for Vietnam
Memoire of John Murray
Popperian "turns" 
The Convergence of Parsons, von Mises and Popper 
Kealey on the economics of scientific research
How to make research pay - Australian rural research
Jim Vincent Interview
Poverty of Historicism: the program and institutional analysis  
Rafe's Roundup. Summaries of magazine articles around the world.
Trashing Popper   
Virtual Classical Liberal Conference
Development texts
Jarvie on Popper on the Differences between Natural and Human Sciences
Agassi on Institutional Individualism
Jarvie on the rationality principle in Popper's model of social science explanation
Roger James Return to Reason Introduction (Start)
Summary of Bartley's paper A Popperian Harvest  
Simkin Book Part I  
Simkin Book Part II  
Hartwell on the MPS  
Bartley on Popper and Wittgenstein as Austrian schoolteachers
Bartley on Biology vs Philosoph of Physics   
Short form of Bartley on Popper and Wittgenstein as schoolteachers  
Bartley on The Division of Knowledge  
Yvor Winters Foreword to In Defense of Reason.
Wachterhauser on The Uses of Popper.  
Wachterhauser on Light and Life  
Of Clouds and Clocks  
Poole's Review of Unended Quest 
Memories of the Health Department 1974-2011
Rafe's Roundup  
Magee on what is wrong with modern philosophy extracts from Confessions 
Review of Boylan and O'Gorman, papers on Popper and economics
Popper on "The non-existence of scientific method"   
Extracts from The Logic of Scientific Discovery
Popper on Music   
Blaug Memoire
IR Watch   Industrial Relations when the lunatics take over the asylum.
Standing IR sites.   
Wall on Problem Solving, Learning to think,   
1980s New Right press cover    
Review of Deirdre McCloskey on rhetoric in economics  
Deregulation (Economic Rationality) for Public Health   
The second most intellectually stimulating event of the year W Civ & the European Miracle   
The bourgeoise virtues.   Deirdre McCloskey
Fishing Pictures
Sumary of John Grover Struggle for Power
The policy of The Greens political party in Australia
Summary of Garth Paltridge The Climate Caper   
Gellner  the introductory chapter to the 2002 book by Michael Lessnoff    
Popper and CR Resources  currently being updated for 2012
Stanislav Andreski   
Poverty reader, to be replaced by an Amazon e book
Problems with contemporary philosophy
The IPCC as a Delinquent Teenager    
Draft paper for the Leeson volume of Hayek papers  
Open Society Reading Guide  to be replaced by an Amazon e book 
The Logic of Scientific Disovery Reading Guide to be replaced by an Amazon e book
Quadrant vol I 1957
Quadrant Vol II 1958  
Conjectures and Refutations Reading Guide to be replaced by an Amazon e book
Texas Paper: Austrian Realism, Economics and Popperian MRPs
Reading notes on Francis Crick This Mad Pursuit.
Reply to Karl-Otto Apel on the foundations of belief and justification
Karl Popper's Introduction to the Philosophy of Science


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