Karl Popper
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sleeping giant of the twentieth century

'I   greatly admired my cousin, Eric Schiff, for his being one year older than I,  for his tidiness and, especially for his  good  looks, gifts which I always regarded as important  and unattainable".

on karl popper
Popper had quite a lot to say about education, mostly in scattered comments and notes. This is a collection of his statements on various aspects of that topic
This is a commentary on four papers prepared for the Popper session at the 1989 meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in Christchurch, New  Zealand.
A Master's thesis exploring the Popperian response  to the uncertainty of experimental testing and the underdetermination of theories.
Ian Jarvie has recently published a potentially revolutionary account of the  "social" or "conventional" turn in Popper's work. This review argues that Jarvie's work helps to elucidate the unity of Popper's thought in natural science, the social sciences, politics and moral discourse.

W H Auden on the open and closed society.

A remarkable paper, published in 1942, anticipating Popper's usage of  the terms "open society" and "closed society". Clearly this was an independent development, and there is no suggestion that Popper's usage derives from Auden.

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The Open Society and its Enemies Commentary
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Conjectures and Refutations Commentary
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