Remarkable progress during the 1930s. Peter Coleman's Introduction to Australian Civilization.

C Wright Mills on Intellectual Craftsmanship.

Profile of Australian University Students - Current Affairs Bulletin report in 1967

Schwarz on the pitfalls of mathematics, even in the physical sciences (so watch out in economics!).

Philip on soils, science and models.

Phllip on the use and abuse of science.

Poole review of Unended Quest.

Reviews of high school economics texts, NSW, 1990.

Rafe's Roundup (magazine pieces from around the world) 1989-911994-19961997-1999

Popper's Metaphysical Epilogue to The Postscript.  For my commentary and review of the volume.

Popper's opening address at the 1961 Positivism Conference. "The Logic of the Social Sciences" which was supposed to initate an exchange of ideas between Popper and Adorno.

His explanation of the strange book that appeared years later.

Fish and chip shop in Seoul. Close   in street context.

Regression Model of NSW Public Hospital Costs.

Popper "Against Big Words".
"Every intellectual has a very special responsibility. He has the privilege and the opportunity of studying. In return, he owes it to his fellow men (or 'to society') to represent the results of his study
as simply, clearly and modestly as he can. The worst thing that intellectuals can do - the cardinal sin - is to try to set themselves up as great prophets vis-à-vis their fellow men and to impress them with puzzling philosophies. Anyone who cannot speak simply and clearly should say nothing and continue to work until he can do so."

Popper on "Reason and the Open Society". Encounter 1972.

Popper and McIntyre on medical ethics and the role of data and criticism in improving clinical practice.

Popper on The Moral Responsibility of the Scientist.

Gunther Wachterhauser on Popper's ideas and the origins of life on earth.

Popper's ideas in psychology. A comment contributed to a debate in The American Psychologist.

Rafe Champion on some problems and prospects for the NSW Strata Titles Act.

Ian Jarvie on The Poverty of Historicism.


Magee on Popper in The Confession of a Philosopher. Getting to Know Bertrand Russell.

Alan Musgrave interview on his time at the LSE, working with Popper and Lakatos and beyond.

Vargas Llosa on literature, globalization and freedom.

Popper on creative self-criticism in science and art.

Rafe Champion on Humanism in Europe (1972).

The Fabian game plan.

Historical studies do not refute Popperian falsificationism. Radnitzky reviews Andersson.

Andreski on The African Predicament 1. Introduction. 2. Problems with Aid.  3. African Socialism.

Mirowski reviews Hacohen's book on Popper. What is this guy smoking?

John Anderson on University Reform in Australia, 1935!

Joanna Swann's new book on Learning, Teaching and Education Research.

Vaclav Havel on The Responsibility of Intellectuals    

Gerard Henderson's chart showing the linkage between wage increases & unemployment  

CSIRO Carbon Kids coordinator story

Les Darcy letter to Father Coady 1914  page 1  page 2 page 3

Les Darcy to Father Coady from the US  page 1  page 2  page 3  page 4  page 5  page 6
Transcript kept by the authorities when they intercepted his mail for a period.

Popper essay "Waging Wars for Peace" from All Life is Problem Solving.

Sydney Preschools 1969

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